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Why Consider Strong Bone Health Medical Exercise Now?

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In Just 15-Minutes a Week get Stronger, Healthier Bones.

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Welcome to SuperSlow Zone

Medical Exercise for the Medical Diagnosis - Osteoporosis

SuperSlow Zone is an ‘Affordable Premium Medical & Wellness Exercise Studio.'

We provide exceptional health care so that you can live a wonderful quality of life.

About SuperSlow Zone

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COVID-19 Compliant

Being an Essential Business means we are held to a Higher Standard for Cleanliness, Responsibility, & Client Care.

Personalized Sessions

Our Friendly Accredited Specialist has been with us on average of 5-7 Years helping to create a Personalized Sessions with 1-1 Client Appointments...a Unique & Positive Experience just for you.

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Multiple Locations

We have Two Wonderful Locations in West Houston. Located in the heart of Katy, WE GUARANTEE YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR STUDIO & STAFF

Why Consider Strong Bone Health Medical Exercise Now?

Our Strong Bone Health Program Explained

Your entire session just you and your SuperSlow Zone Specialist, in a sanitized, cool, beautiful, and uplifting environment.

Our professionalism and care is just like a concierge doctor’s office. All of our Specialists have been with us for one reason, they love to see the progress and results over time and the positive changes in our client’s lives.

What do you do?

Under constant, expert guidance by your Specialist, your first exercise is on medical-grade whole-body vibration equipment that gently and safely prepares your muscles.

Your second exercise is on specialized equipment for bone growth which requires no more effort or skill than the desire to be free of medication and free of side effects.

Your results and vibrant health is our passion.

You're Never
Too Young or Too Old to Take Care of
Your Bones

Just Listen to What the Medical Professionals Have to Say.

You're Never too Young or Too Old to Take Care of Your Bones

Just Listen to What the Medical Professionals Have to Say.

What Do Real Doctors Think?

“Using optimal biomechanics and loading bones through compression, osteogenic loading response (bone growth) is stimulated and ultimately improves. My patients are in control during the entire session and are never forced to strain – it is at their pace, and comfort level. I have seen my patients improve bone density over 8% in one year, which is a gain that is unparalleled with any other modality used in clinical practice today."

Kevin Hall, MD, FAARFM

General Surgery


"The real-world musculoskeletal benefits of the bioDensity device and osteogenic loading on strength, coordination, balance, and subsequently confidence are nothing short of astonishing. The drug-free, osteogenic loading bone density benefits are unique to the bioDensity device. As a surgeon, I foresee the bioDensity device improving my patient’s quality of life drastically. "

Jeffrey Bentson, MD

Orthopedic Surgery



Osteogenic Therapy Increases Bone Density
2X Greater
than Medication.*


Proven Results From Over 150 Peer Reviewed Studies

If You're Looking for Real Results from a Proven System, The SuperSlow Zone's Strong Bone Health Program is the #1 Bone Density Program.

Our Mission is to Make Your Bones Stronger & Healthier for Your Lifespan.

Why Our Program is Do-Able?

1-1 Personalized Program

Only 15 Minutes, One Time Per Week

Premium Therapy at an Affordable Price

Why Our Program is Do-Able?

1-1 Personalized Program

Only 15 Minutes, One Time Per Week

Premium Therapy at an Affordable Price

#1 Osteoporosis Therapy Center
in West Houston

16126 Southwest Fwy Suite 130, Sugar Land, TX 77479

23110 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

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Qualified as an Essential Business

Strong Bone Health Program uses Revolutionary Medical Grade Technology to Bring Gold Standard Results to You.

With the Help of Our Accredited, Professional Consultants We Integrate with Your Doctors Process.

Initial Whole Body Scan as Your ‘Medical Gold Standard Baseline’,
Ordered by Your Doctor & Covered by Insurance.

Trust Yourself & Take Control

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FREE Consultation & 15-Minute TRIAL Session.

This is a NO RISK OPPORTUNITY for a Better Life

The Only Thing You Have to Lose are the Side Effects